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kitchen lighting

how can one change the lithonia which is the long light in the kitchen to a more single light.  I have one of those that hold 4 flourscent lights in my kitchen and would like to change it to a single fixture

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Posted 2012-07-18T16:47:18+0000  by fb1955 fb1955

Hi fb1955.  It is fairly easy to change out that 4 bulb fluorscent.  Here are the steps. First remove the cover and take out the bulbs.  With the power off.  Next undo the wiring from the ceiling.  This next step is where a helper might be needed.  Remove the screws  that are located at either end.  Then lower the fixture to the floor slowly.  If an electrical box is under the fixture you would simply hang your new light from this box following the instruction with the new light. If no box is there you will have to install one.  Use a re-model round electrical box.   See picture.  Once the new box is installed hang the new fixture.  Good luck.  Stukas.  Also if this project seems to much for you go to    



                                                        1-Gang 18 cu. in. Round Old Work Ceiling Box


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Posted 2012-07-19T17:07:26+0000  by Stukas

I have an ancient 4 bulb flourescent lighting fixture in the kitchen ceiling covered by a plastic fixture that holds back too much light. We need a lot more light. LED a good option? How complex a task? I have good handymen.

Posted 2012-12-21T01:34:35+0000  by dlewine
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