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kitchen soffit removal

We are remodeling our kitchen and  were supposed to remove everything ourselves so Home Depot can just install the new stuff. As we began to remove the soffits, it seems that they are solid - concrete or plaster maybe? Of course the area above the light where we originally poked the test hole seems to be the only hollow area. Is this possible? I tried hammering a screw driver through one part but it wouldn't go through.

We have absolutely no experience by the way, my husband thought we could do it ourselves, we are now stuck and only have 3 days until Home Depot is supposed to come install. Of course all the cabinets are down now, but if we can't remove the soffits then the new cabinets will not fit! Help please!

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Posted 2016-05-04T01:11:28+0000  by Tinabean925 Tinabean925
I would suggest contacting whomever you've been working with at your local Home Depot immediately to let them know you've been having problems removing the old soffits and the installation may need to be pushed back.  Most soffits are constructed something like this:

But yours may be different.  Without seeing what you have it's hard to offer specific advice.  I might trying drilling a few larger holes so you can get a feel for what's inside.

Posted 2016-05-04T08:26:21+0000  by Adam444
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