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kitchen table

what do I use if I want to put a new finish on a laminate table. It has lost it's finish, and I don't want to change it.

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Posted 2011-03-30T17:39:36+0000  by karenrosswurm karenrosswurm

Hi Karenrosswurm, I’m Blake from the ‘Depot in California. Luckily putting that laminate top back in tip-top shape should be a simple project. Refinishing a laminate top is actually very similar to refinishing a solid wood top.


Laminate construction:



-First things first, we need to get the top consistent and ready for a fresh coat of polyurethane. Using 220 grit sandpaper, lightly sand off the shiny laminate top coat. It is important in this step that you do not sand through the patterned part of your laminate, you just need to remove that high-gloss glaze from the very surface.





-Once the entire top coat has been sanded evenly, clean all the dust off of the surface; remember that any dirt or debris that you leave on will be there for a while.


-Apply furniture polyurethane using a sponge-brush. Furniture poly is available in high gloss, semi gloss, or satin depending on what effect you would like to achieve.





-It is better to apply 2-3 thin coats of polyurethane than try to do one thick coat. Apply too thick of a coat will create bubbles that will need to be sanded down, and re-coated all over again. If you do see some small bubbles forming, use your brush to smooth them out before they dry. (follow your manufacturers recommendation for dry and recoat times).


That’s it! Once you have allowed the top coat to cure (usually 24-72 hours), the surface is ready for use and will provide years of hard-wearing beautiful service.


Safety note: Keep the area well ventilated while you are working with polyurethane. 


I hope this helps Karen, if you need any other help please ask!




Posted 2011-03-30T18:24:36+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

To add to Blake's comments, add four capfuls of Penetrol to your quart of polyurethane. The primary reason for the Penetrol is that it increases the adhesion of the poly to the surface and to itself. As a side benefit, it will help the poly brush better and self-level (read that as no brush marks or bubbles).

Posted 2011-09-03T18:15:55+0000  by Paul

Hey Paul, that is a great tip! It's good to see you around the community again!



Posted 2011-09-08T18:50:33+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

hi paul.

i want to learn how to make a rustic wood table for my kitchen, is there any videos that i can see or work shops i can attend?

please let me know

thanks olga

Posted 2012-03-22T21:54:47+0000  by olga


I'm not really sure of your question, sorry...


You want to build a table? Change a top on a table? Refinish an existing table?

Posted 2012-03-25T20:57:28+0000  by Paul
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