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knotty pine install

we have purchase a large amount of this product to put on our linear basement walls.....were running it horizontally so as the v groove runs the same.....we dont like the look up and down for as to it lookin more like paneling.....we ve never attempted this before....any advice....for long linear walls.....and tricks or hints... for  installing...we already have 16 on center studs to hang on.......i believe there 6 wide by 4ft pieces

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Posted 2012-11-06T18:02:13+0000  by 73challenger 73challenger

Welcome to the How-to-Community.


Horizontal planking ha? That is definitely going to look interesting, I like the idea.

I’ve done something similar with the reclaimed siding planks. But it was only one accent wall not the whole basement   though.


Pay attention when it comes to transitioning from wall to wall, you want to make sure all of the planks are at the same height thorough the perimeter of the room.


Don’t start immediately of the floor, your basement floor is probably not in level and it will start the planking at different heights which will show in the corners.


Instead, use a level and snap a line around the perimeter of the room. Line should be set a plank or plank and a half of the floor, or whatever translated to the full plank at the ceiling. In other words set the line at the floor to where you end up with the full plank at the ceiling to avoid ripping the planks down at the end.


Stager the planks, if these are 4 footers you should be able to stager 16” inches over.


Finally use pneumatic finishing nailer with 16 + gauge finishing nails to nail the planks to the studs.


Are planning on painting the planks or staining ?



Posted 2012-11-06T18:52:05+0000  by George_HD_CHI

lol and this is exactly why im here.....i would of never know to do that...thank you! i will measure up a plank and a half and run a chaulk line to follow sure ill have to rip the boards at some sure ill never get them to fit all perfect when installing...but that advice ill get em level anyway........we are not sure about color yet....clearing them?  staining them?   not sure...ive heard they will darken over time we dont want to stain them really...then it will be too dark....we like the lighter may just clear them once there up.....not sure yet...  on the chaulk line...then   is that were u recommend i start nailing the boards and work up to the ceiling then?

Posted 2012-11-06T19:17:47+0000  by 73challenger

Yes, start on the chalk line and work your way up. You’ll get the board to fit perfectly don’t worry ..I’ll help you with that :)

One wall at the time.


Personally i like painted look more than stained, especially if it’s painted with light colors.


Did you get the outlet extensions? They’re called mud rings. Your paneling is what 5/8 “' ?


Can you post a pict. of your basement?


Btw I’m also working on your insulation question.






Posted 2012-11-06T19:29:01+0000  by George_HD_CHI

so do the last board and a half on the bottom last then right?..below the chalk line i make........u said to start there and go up.....  i think there 3/4 thick.....we set the outlets out far enough i beleive......we dont want to paint it...prob go wiht the natural look

Posted 2012-11-06T20:21:29+0000  by 73challenger


Yes, that's right; bottom rows should go in last. Start form the chalk line up.


Post some progress pics if you can.



Posted 2012-11-06T20:32:47+0000  by George_HD_CHI

Make sure that line is leveled. Once you get the first row on put a level on top of it and double check. You can still adjust it a bit @ the first row.





Posted 2012-11-06T20:45:54+0000  by George_HD_CHI

okay thanks!    this is tongue and groove....just so you kinda clicks together.......not sure if that makes a difference or not

Posted 2012-11-06T21:06:00+0000  by 73challenger

No it shouldn't  make a difference.


Can you link me to the product on


Why don’t you go 8' foot boards instead? It would be much easier. Quality?



Your 4 foot boards are designed for wainscoting.




Posted 2012-11-06T21:26:29+0000  by George_HD_CHI

already shipped and in my storage shed.......but im wrong....i think they are 8 fters now that i think about least 6.......they are not on the HD site....they special ordered them in for me.....with the V groove...what they stocked wasnt exactly v goove...more of a rounded groove...

Posted 2012-11-06T22:21:21+0000  by 73challenger
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