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laminate counter top

I'm thinking about building new counter tops with plastic laminating. Seems simple enough except I want to add a backsplash and laminate over everything to make it look like 1 piece. Will the laminate up and around the backsplash?

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Posted 2011-02-14T15:27:55+0000  by jtlee1 jtlee1

Hi Jtlee1, this is Mike The Home Depot Answer Man. Welcome to the Community!


Counter tops are quite easy to construct with laminate, however, making an all-in one unit with a curved backsplash is difficult to do at home. Because of the use of a contact cement, attaching the laminate plastic over a curved backsplash can be tricky, and usually requires an experienced builder with the right equipment.


I might suggest some alternative options for your backslash.


You can purchase readymade countertop with a curved backsplash at your local Home Depot. Some of the new styles look like granite for a fraction of the price.


 Use a square back splash attached to the counter prior to installation, or a back splash made of a complimentary material such as Corian, of the same or a contrasting color for a two tone effect.


You also could install a flat counter and a tile backsplash. There are plenty of options in tile.


I have included below two links on countertop construction.


I hope these ideas are useful to you.



Posted 2011-02-14T18:48:13+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

thanks for the reply Mike.I actually seen both those links while doing some research which gave me the inspiration.Also the granite look is what i'm hoping to achieve ( great minds think alike, LOL).I also was thinking of buying a premade countertop but cutting the curved backslash straight and chipping the laminate makes me hesitant.Any idea's would be appreciated.

Posted 2011-02-15T14:36:47+0000  by jtlee1
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