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laminate flooring blade

I am installing about 550 sq ft of laminate wood flooring should i use a circular saw or miter saw and what blade should i use that is not to pricey 

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Posted 2013-08-20T20:12:28+0000  by kelvin1 kelvin1

A miter saw would be much easier and generally faster.  You could use a circular saw as well, although if I went that route I'd probably take the time to make a cut off jig to speed things up.


Because of the wear layer, laminate flooring is very hard on saw blades.  I'm not impressed with Freud's Diablo blades but they're probably the best Home Depot offers.

Posted 2013-08-21T00:28:00+0000  by Adam444

You definitely need a carbide tip blade if the laminate is particle board backed. Particle board does in a conventional blade in only a couple cuts! Blades with carbide teeth, that are designated for miter saws , should give good results.

Posted 2013-08-21T02:47:01+0000  by ordjen
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