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lawn help with my new (to me) home


I'm in Atlanta, and have just purchased my first home. I have a bermuda lawn that is in pretty good shape, the previous owner took decent care of it. I have two questions


1) I'm looking to fertilize here in the next couple weeks. There's not many if any weeds in the yard, but I just want a healthier, greener lawn. What is ideal fertilizer to use for this region+grass type combo. Is this the right time of the year to do it?


2) In the very back of my yard there is a section that is completely crab grass. I'd like to just kill it, then hope to reseed with bermuda when appropriate. What is a good product to use there.




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Posted 2013-05-15T15:55:02+0000  by RyanAppleton RyanAppleton

Hello RyanAppleton,


Welcome to the site!:smileywink:


One good fertilizer is Scotts' Turf Builder. The time to use it is as soon as nighttime temperatures  reach at least 55 degrees. Water in for at least 25 minutes.


You can kill all the weeds in the other area by using Roundup, but you may actually have some Bermuda below it, and you can use Spectracide Weed  and Crabgrass Control instead and just reseed and fill in what is there and use Scotts Starter fertilizer on it to feed and strengthen it.  Hope this helps!


Round Up Pump and Go.jpgweedstop- specracide.jpgScotts Turf Builder.jpgscotts starter fertilizeer.jpg



Posted 2013-05-15T18:51:28+0000  by Gail_HD_OC

Thanks for the welcome, Gail, and your help :)


I appreciate the advice. After using the weed stop product, would I need to worry about digging it up/mowing and bagging to avoid any seeds from remaining? or will the Scotts starter fertilizer take care of that after reseeding?




Posted 2013-05-15T19:13:50+0000  by RyanAppleton

Hello RyanAppleton,


If you are using the Weedstop, you should not need to dig the area up unless there is no grass left behind. If you mow the area I would bag the grass to make sure the seed heads are out of the garden, You can also use a product called Scotts' plus crabgrass control in early spring for the first of next years' feeding, this will stop a lot of weeds from resprouting in next years' lawn. Hope this helps!

scotts turfbuilder plus halts.jpg

Posted 2013-05-15T19:21:01+0000  by Gail_HD_OC

Hello Gail_HD_OC and thank you so much for the reply. Your tips would be very helpful for my lawn as well which needs immediate attention. Thanks again.

Posted 2013-05-20T04:48:20+0000  by johnmclaren
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