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lawn mower oil change

I have a Briggs & Stratton MTD push Lawn Mower, I would like to do an oil change but for the life of me I can not locate a drain plug.  Does this require a siphon? Or am I missing the obvious????

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Posted 2013-05-04T21:43:42+0000  by BuddhaPepe BuddhaPepe

Howdy "BuddaPepe",


Without knowing the exact model I can only guess that yours is a model that requires you to first siphon the gas, then turn the mower on it's side. The model shown below is one of the most popular types of Briggs and Stratton MTD engines.



To make you search easier her Typically, on vertical shaft engines, the oil drain plug is located beneath the engine block near the crankshaft. To remove the square plug, all that is required is a standard 3/8 extension (no socket).

On the horizontal shaft engines it would be located below the centerline of the crankshaft, on the base of the engine block. Typically an adjustable wrench would remove the square plug.


To get the correct manual here is Briggs and Strattons' manual page:


Vertical shaft engines, Series 300 to 550, may not feature a bottom oil drain as shown above. If this is the case, oil must be poured out of the oil fill tube as outlined in your engine.


Happy Mowing,


Posted 2013-05-06T22:54:46+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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