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I would like to install a underground sprinkler system in south florida so where do I start. I will be using city water

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Posted 2011-03-27T13:28:28+0000  by hcytack hcytack

Hello, and welcome to the community...we are glad you stopped by.


   You will be saving a lot of time and money in the long run by having a centralized sprinkler system in your yard. Although this good DIY project, there are still lots of little details that need to be taken into consideration beforehand. Planning will be the key to success with this project.  You should stop in and talk to one of our plumbing experts who will set you up with all the many parts needed to successfully install the system.


   I would say that the two most important “starting points” are mapping out the system and checking to see if you have adequate water pressure to sustain the sprinkler heads.




  • Measure the diameter of your main water supply line so you can tie into that source.
  • Put a pressure gauge on an indoor faucet and turn it on.
  • While the indoor faucet and gauge are still turned on, open an outside faucet closest to the indoor faucet.
  • Adjust the outside faucet until the gauge reads 40psi.
  • Place a five gallon bucket under the faucet and time how long it takes to fill it. 

Gallons Per Minutes:

  • 15 sec’s = 20 gpm’s
  • 20 sec’s = 15 gpm’s
  • 25 sec’s = 12 gpm’s
  • 30 sec’s = 10 gpm’s
  • 40 sec’s = 7.5 gpm’s

This will help the plumbing expert with all the supplies you will need.

After your tools and supplies are gathered you will:

  • Dig trenches.
  •  Run a supply line.
  • Connect tubing, sprinkler heads, and a timer.
  • Test all the connections.
  • Fill back all the trenches and test.
Posted 2011-03-27T18:50:59+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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