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laying flooring

okay, getting ready to lay laminate flooring just pulled up carpet carpet padding and wooded strips that hold the carpet down, now the wooden strips were nailed in the sub floor which is cement so when pulling up strips it cracked the cement and made small dips. now should i level and fill in these dips before laying my floor.    
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Posted 2016-07-13T16:16:39+0000  by tgy tgy
Unless the divots are huge, you probably don't need to fill them.  If you want to you can use a  concrete patching compound like this one from Quikrete.

Just mix it to the consistency of peanut butter and spread it with a putty knife, pushing it into the void.  Get the surface as level with the existing floor as possible.  Most of these products have a fairly short open time so mix only what you can use.
Posted 2016-07-13T18:19:14+0000  by Adam444
good thanks,
Posted 2016-07-13T19:18:52+0000  by tgy
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