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leveling ground for pavers

I have a large unused area behind my garage. I can't dig in this area as it has gas, electric and cable lines crossing it. I would love to use it as a quiet seating area with a potting bench under an overhang. My problem is that it is severely unlevel - like as much as 8 to 9 inches higher in the center. It is totally fenced in with access from two gates. The area I want level is 12x17. I did level an 8x8 area for a shed but I've already put 5 yards of dirt back there and I can't get it level for the 1'x1' pavers I got. Any thoughts on what to do now?

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Posted 2012-07-22T21:04:39+0000  by mickiez mickiez

Howdy MikieZ,


It seems be the description you gave that you need to level out and create a secure, stable, and level base.


To do this you would need to level the area by digging at least a few inches down without damaging gas, electrical, and cable lines. I would recommend you first contact all those companies first to find out how far down their lines/pipes are and to let them know what your planning to do. Perhaps they might even give you some pointers.


The next thing I would do is after leveling as much as possible, is adding Paver Base Gravel. This will give you the base needed to install pavers so they won't shift.


When this is done and you've tampered down the Paver Base Gravel you would put Leveling Sand  and tamper as well. Now with the base done you would put down your pavers. When your satisfied with the pavers' layout you would put down a bit more leveling sand and sweep so the sand fills in the gaps between your pavers so they stay put.





Now you have a level area that will be done right and you can put your sitting area and potting bench in to make good use of the space.


If you feel up to it, why not load some; before, during, and after photos to share with everyone the experience of  this project.


Happy Building,

Posted 2012-07-23T21:40:55+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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