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linear led bulbs


I recently purchased Philips T8 14w linear LED bulbs to replace some fluorescent lights.  They are plug and play so my understanding is that the ballast does not need to be removed.  Oddly enough, when I replace both 4' fluorescent bulbs in the fixture, the LED bulbs do not work.  However, if I mix-n-match and do one LED and one fluorescent bulb, both work.  Any suggestions on what is going on here?  I'd rather not remove the ballast to make the upgrade.

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Posted 2017-02-18T19:06:21+0000  by JeffN1 JeffN1
The package instructions (or Philips' website) will give a list of compatible ballasts.  Did you check that list and does your ballast match?

If you're doing this to save money, you might want to run the numbers.  Depending on the LED bulb, you're getting 25-40% less light than the fluorescent tube it replaces.  If you can live with the reduced light, then you'll save some money.  Otherwise, more fixtures and lamps eats into anything saved by using an LED.

Posted 2017-02-18T23:58:34+0000  by Adam444
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