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little or no hot water pressure

i have little or no hot water pressure at all faucets this just started recently cold water pressure is very good,connected hose to drain on hot water heater and have almost no pressure there also

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Posted 2011-01-10T17:42:34+0000  by mopar1000 mopar1000




Hey mopar1000,

 Welcome to the community.


Low hot water pressure it is usually a result of the excessive amount of sediments that accumulate inside of the hot water tank or restrictions on either cold or hot water supply. Flushing out your hot water heater periodically helps and prolongs life of the water heater. This is a messy but not particularly difficult procedure.


First if this is a gas water heater set the thermostat on the “Pilot” setting, shut off the gas and cold water supply to the water heater. If this is electric water heater turn off circuit breakers designated to the unit.


Reconnect your garden hose to the unit and slowly open up a pressure relief valve, sometimes sediments are so dense inside the tank that they actually clog the drain so you may need to use a small screwdriver to (carefully) break sediments apart.


Repeat this process few times and stop once drain water is clear and free of sediments.

If draining shows no improvement you should move on to the next step and that is to inspect hot and cold water inlets.



To replace inlets assure that cold water is turned off and slowly unscrew threaded fittings. Once removed check the inlets for the blockage and also inspect threaded fittings on the water heater. Proceed with this carefully being that sometimes hot water heater inlets have so much buildup that can damage the fittings once removed. Inlets are directional and must be installed properly pay attention to  the arrows showing correct direction for the installation.


If replacing inlets again shows no  improvement you last resort is to inspect  cold water shut of valve to the water heater. In order to service these valves assure that water is off at the main valve and open the faucets on the lower levels to drain the water from the pipes.


For the electric water heater sometimes heating elements need to be replaced in addition to all of the above. If this is your  case i recommend hiring a professional for this type of repair.


Hope that helps and good luck with your project.




Posted 2011-01-10T20:54:05+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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