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live in Utah. can I paint outside vinyl shutters from hunter green to warm brown? How?

I live in Utah with cold wet winters and very hot dry summers. I want to paint my outside vinyl shutters from a hunter green to a warm brown as well as the front metal door to match. is this possible to do and have it look great and last through that kind of weather?  If it is possible, please tell me what to use and how to accomplish this.

Thank you

The Smiths 

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Posted 2013-06-05T18:31:50+0000  by mariana mariana

Welcome to our community Mariana!


You are in luck! Behr just came out with a new product called Marquee that will be perfect for your project. This product is similar to the Behr Ultra, which is a paint and primer in one. In a side by side comparison, Marquee ranks even better in almost every way. It has top of the line dirt and fade resistance, adhesion, hide and gloss protection. It will withstand any type of weather! Unlike any other paint on the market, this paint is rain ready is just 1 hour, which is really quick!


I would highly recommend this product for your project. You will not be disappointed. :smileyvery-happy:


If you have any more questions, please let us  know!


Christine :smileyhappy:

Posted 2013-06-05T19:37:28+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL


Thank you so much!  The only thing we were told from a shutter company was Krylon Fusion spray paint. The color selection is very limited, and spray painting the front door did not seem like the best idea. However,  I was wondering if there was anything special we need to do to prepare the shutters before painting them to make sure we do everything for the best possible end result. If you could let me know I will be forever grateful, and this may help someone else who is also on a tight budget, yet wants to brighten up the curb appeal to their house. 


                                                                         Grateful in Utah,


Posted 2013-06-05T23:30:50+0000  by mariana

Certainly you'll want to clean your shutters.  It really doesn't matter what you use, dish detergent, laundry detergent, or some kind of all purpose cleaner but scrub them down, rinse well, and allow to fully dry.  I'd suggest taking them off the house if at all possible.  I find get better results if I can paint in a comfortable position.



Posted 2013-06-06T00:00:17+0000  by Adam444

The problem is paint will not adhere to most vinyl shutters which are made from polypropelyne. One thing you can do to prepare the surface is to prime the shutters first with krylon fusion and then paint over it with any exterior latex based paint.


Thy krylon will give you adhesion to the polypropelyne shutter and the latex paint can adhere to the krylon.


Here is a link to a great resource for info on painting vinyl shutters:

Posted 2013-06-06T01:12:36+0000  by exteriorsolutio


RustOleum's 2X spray cans will also bond directly to plastic without a primer.


If your shutters have a sprayed on finish, rather than the color in the plastic itself, you should not have a problem with  painting the shutters with an acrylic housepaint such as Behr's Ultra, even without a dedicated primer. As always, a clean surface and a scuff sanding will assure good adhesion.

Posted 2013-06-07T17:59:34+0000  by ordjen
Hello mariana!

Zinsser 123 specifically lists vinyl as one of the surfaces it is suitable to prime.

Yes, I said prime ... the key to long-term adhesion.

This water-based product is also recommended for fiberglass and galvanized metal ... surfaces which are normally very difficult to paint.

Have your local Paint Associate tint your primer with the maximum the manufacturer will allow toward your new color.

It will not be very dark, but will be much better than painting over white.

Then add your topcoat.

The primer will act like double-stick tape for paint ... promoting adhesion to both the vinyl shutter and the new layers paint.
Posted 2014-07-10T22:54:07+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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