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lost the remote to Hampton bay ceiling fan/light, how can I turn it on without the remote?

I lost our remote to the fan/light and we have 3 switches on the wall but I don't know what the switches are exactly for. I just know which one give power to the fan. But the last time we used the remote it was to shut the light off so I really need to know how to turn the light on with no remote. it has pull chains but I've tried many different combination with the switches and chain... I NEED HELPPPP!!!!!
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Posted 2013-01-10T02:23:00+0000  by cheysvortex cheysvortex

Hey chevysvortex.


The Home Depot sells remote controls for your fan. I have installed these remotes on my fans in the house and have even replaced just the remotes after the buttons stopped working after 12 years. 


The remote and the transmitter have 4 dip switches on them (usually blue switches). When the numbers on each match, they will communicate with each other. Is this the only fan in the house with a remote? I ask, because if it is, then more than likely the remote is set to the factory settings and would work straight out of the box, after you put in the battery.

fan remote arrow.jpg

If there are multiple remotes in the house then you might have to drop the canopy cover of the fan and look to see what the codes are on the transmitter so you can match the remote with them.


Hit me back here and let me know how things go.


Posted 2013-01-10T16:03:27+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

A question in same topic area. Is there a way to not have to switch lighReno with remote when wall switch was I used to turn off?


Posted 2013-01-18T00:58:38+0000  by Dougjohnjohn

Hello jR and welcome to The Community!


It would be best to speak to the Hampton Bay team to determine the proper way to operate your ceiling fan in conjunction with your wall switch.  They can be reached at 1-877-527-0313 (select option 2).


They will ask for the UPC of your ceiling fan, which is the 12 digit code (all numbers – no letters) found on the sticker on top of the motor housing.  This will identify the exact model and manufacturer of the fan. 


The Hampton Bay team will also be able to help you obtain a new remote control for your ceiling fan if you want to replace the lost unit.


Best wishes on your project.

Posted 2013-01-18T14:46:43+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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