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low hot water pressure

I have low hot water pressure on my kitchen lingle lever faucet.  cold water pressure is normal and the feeder lines are open to maximum.  how should I troubleshoot?  thanks, wr/wes

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Posted 2013-12-20T01:15:01+0000  by uyehara uyehara

Hi Uyehara,


Mineral deposits are a common problem in hot water systems, usually clogging faucets and shortening the life of water heaters.


I believe the problem in your faucet is mineral deposits in the hot water side of you faucets' cartridge.


The simplest solution is to replace the cartridge.


Remove the cartridge and take to your local Home Depot.


The plumbing associates will assist you in selecting a new replacement cartridge.


There also may be deposits in the shutoff for the hot water under your sink.


Remove the water supply line and check the shutoff valve for blockage. If the valve has deposits replace it as well.




Posted 2013-12-20T02:25:01+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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