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lutron occupancy dimmer switch installed in closet automatically turns itself on when no movement

i recently installed a lutron occupancy dimmer switch in my closet.  when the closet is occupied, the switch works flawlessly.  however, it also turns itself on when no one is in the closet.  this goes against the reason why i got the thing and doesnt save much energy if it keeps turning on the lights...  I now have to have the dimmer turned all the way down and turn it up when i need to have light in the closet.


Please help!!

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Posted 2013-05-02T03:45:52+0000  by jjchang jjchang

Have you tried to dial down the range of the sensor?  Lutrons usually puts the dial on the bottom the switch behind the wall cover plate.  There is also a dial for the time setting for turning off.  I would adjust both, it may be picking up something very minor if you didn't adjust the sensitivity.

Posted 2013-05-02T21:19:19+0000  by jwatkins82

Sorry to hear you are having this issue.   The first thing to try would be to lessen the Sensitivity.  The sensitivity is set to high when you first install but can be lessened.  There is not a dial behind the faceplate but the senstivity can be changed in a few simple steps.  If you click on the following document, starting on page 6, you can see the steps to reduce the sensitivity:


Or you can call Lutron's technical hotline at 1.800.523.9466.  They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can help walk you through the process.


Posted 2013-05-09T13:47:22+0000  by dimmermd
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