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mailbox post replacement

I am replacing my wood mailbox post and looking for the best suggestion.  I have a pressure treated post.  What is the best way to set it?  Quick-crete, sand, rocks?  I haven't started digging the old one out so I'm not sure how it is set.  It is older than the hills and serves no re-use purpose, so it'sgarbage.

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Posted 2011-09-26T19:09:39+0000  by AuntToad2006 AuntToad2006

:manhappy: You can now purchase a meteal stake that has about a 4 inch box on top of it to insert your 4x4 takes about 60 seconds to drive in the ground depending on soil and you anchor post to this stake I would think Home depot would carry this. Cost is about $20. Very Stable

Posted 2011-09-26T19:55:41+0000  by major.ax169

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I couldn’t agree more with major, metal " target="_blank">spike would definitely be an easiest way to set the post in.

Major I’m assuming you are referring to something like this?

  " target="_blank">EZ-Spike.gif " target="_blank">EZ spike.jpg

Yes , we do carry this product and it can be found HERE.



Posted 2011-09-26T20:15:41+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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