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make a grill.

I have an old fish tank stand and a new 55 gallon steel drum and I want to make a grill what do I do?
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Posted 2015-04-15T18:13:26+0000  by ladydenise43 ladydenise43
LPC Survival

Hi ladydenise43!

"Re-purposing" has become such a strong trend and your DIY grill will fit squarely amid countless other great ideas!

First, ensure that your fish tank stand will handle both the weight and the heat.

You can test this yourself, or possibly identify the manufacturer for specifications.

I would expect one-inch metal tube would be sufficient, but I'd be concerned about a wood stand.

If your stand isn't that strong, a local welder or metal work shop might assist you.

Now, let's turn our focus to the 55-gal drum.

You'll need to separate the drum into bottom and top using something like a reciprocating saw with a metal blade.

The upper half will need a hinge and handle.

And, although I refer to it as "upper half," you might get better results if the lower section is slightly larger than half.

Fire requires oxygen, so don't overlook the need for vent holes above and below the firebox.

And, if you intend to use charcoal, you'll need a hinged door near the bottom so ash can be removed without disassembling the grill.

Suspend your charcoal on a grate installed a few inches above the bottom to allow for air flow.

And, suspend your grill rack approximately one-foot above the fire.

If you enlist the help of a welder or metal worker, they can probably make side supports that will allow you to move the grill rack.

This would be ideal, but many people simply control the heat of the fire to accomplish the same thing.

Modern top vents often consist of an exhaust stack which ends above head level.

Brinkman 55 Gallon Drum Grill is a perfect example.

This prevents smoke from engulfing those operating the grill.

This is such a unique DIY project, that I'd love to see photos of the finished grill.

Please take time to come back and share your expertise with The Community.

Posted 2015-04-16T14:58:31+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL


Greeting ladydenise43,

Sounds like you are anxious to get grilling!

We have a great selection of charcoal,  Bar-B-Que grills at the Home Depot.


We also have everything you will need to complete your steel drum grill, but we do not have instruction to provide to you for the construction of a steel drum grill.

I did a little research and recommend that you check out this link for reference.

Stop by your local Home Depot for parts and tools for your best and safest grilling experience!            

We have reciprocating saw, grates, wheels, cooking tools, charcoal, grill gloves, and fire extinguishers. 

We would love to see pictures: step by step progress of your project,  and your first rack of ribs…good luck and happy grilling!    Maureen

Posted 2015-04-16T15:20:59+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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