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metal paint recommendation please

I am planning to paint a builder grade brass chandelier in my dining room.  I would like to consider brushing on a finish.  In this way I won't have to take the fixture down and find a place to spray.  The Martha Stewart metallic paints and glazes look interesting; will these work and if so how are they applied?  Are there other paints that can be brushed over brass?



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Posted 2012-09-26T17:20:13+0000  by twister twister

Hello Twister!


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Brass fixtures are typically manufactured with a clear protective coating.


This coating repels dirt and stains and it will repel your next coat of paint as well ... particularly if they're water-based.


If you choose Martha Living Specialty Paints, you'll need to apply an oil-based primer first to help promote adhesion.


Zinsser Cover Stain or Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer are great choices ... both dry in about one-hour and will accept either water-based or oil-based top coats.


CoverStain.jpg  Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer.jpg


Brushing water-based paints into a smooth, even finish can be tricky on the curved surfaces of your chandelier. These products dry quickly and the brush stokes don't always level before the product dries.


You can overcome this problem by adding Floetrol to your water-based paints. This slows the dry-time and allows the product to self-level. Since ML Specialty Paints come in small containers, be careful to read the label and add according to instructions.




So Twister, the answer to your question is YES ... you can use ML Specialty Paints!


Follow these instructions and allow each coat to dry completely before proceeding ... you'll create an appealing new look on your existing chandelier.


NOTE: Oil-based products do not clean up easily. Be certain to prep your work area with plenty of plastic to prevent creating secondary repairs.

Posted 2012-09-27T12:12:02+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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