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microwave venting

im installing a microwave over a gas stove . does the charcole filter in the micro  remove the carbon monoxide or do i need to vent it to outside somehow . thanks all

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Posted 2011-05-09T15:49:36+0000  by jeepdave jeepdave

oxideHi, jeepdave, this is Mike The Home Depot Answer Man. Welcome to the community.


The charcoal filter in your over the range microwave (otr) is designed to filter out cooking odors. Carbon monoxide is not a problem when you are cooking with natural gas.


  A (otr) microwave can be installed as either vented or non-vented. Vented hood installations exhaust to the outside. Non-vented installations recirculate fettered air back into the kitchen. If the hood vents back into the kitchen, the air passes through the charcoal filter.  Vented installations are preferred, as they will carry any cooking odors and exhaust gases out through the roof.

If you are concerned about carbon monoxide, as we all should be, I would recommend a carbon monoxide detector for your home.


I have included a link below to a video discussing carbon monoxide detectors. Check it out.


I hope this answers your question





Posted 2011-05-09T20:39:00+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Just a note.

Might want to check with building code in your area.

will save you time and money when you sell your home


Posted 2013-05-22T04:15:55+0000  by Sywatts
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