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mobile home walls

i am in the process of moving inyo a mobile home. my wife wants to paint the walls but it is the vinyl covered drywall they use in mobile homes. i keep getting mixed answers when i ask what to do. some say to sand others dont. some say to use oil base primer some say water base. some say 2in1paint and primer. i would like to use 2in1if possible. 

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Posted 2013-04-18T11:34:38+0000  by allan_pike86 allan_pike86

Hello Allan!


Painting directly over vinyl is a difficult trick.


Most water-based paints, including Behr Ultra, paint and primer in one, will not bind well to vinyl.


The result is paint that will scratch off easily or even come off in larger sections.


Primer, on the other hand, is like double-stick tape ... it clings to most surfaces and leaves an exposed surface to which paint can cling.


Zinsser 123 lists vinyl as one of the surfaces which it will prime.


This product seems like a natural base coat for your project.


Ask your Paint Associate to tint your primer to be similar to your new color.


Once you've primed the surface, follow with two coats of paint in your new color.


Activity areas tend to painted with either an eggshell or a satin sheen.


Either will wipe clean, but eggshell reflects less light and will show fewer imperfections on your wall.



Primer is typically less expensive than paint and dries in about an hour. Most paints require a minimum of four-hours between coats.

Posted 2013-04-18T15:16:14+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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