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mold on wood in building withn concrete floor

We have a cabin that was built with a concrete floor. The walls ard insulated and covered with tongue and groove pine board. We have noticed some mld developing on wood that is not pressure treated near thd floor mostly. What can we do to prevent mold and protect the wood in the cabin? Do we need to out a sealant on the concrete? There tends to be a lot of moisture in tye cabin but we do not have electric to rn a dehumidifyer. Help!
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Posted 2013-09-02T20:08:23+0000  by kristie13 kristie13




Regular wood in contact withconcrete on grade is always a bad idea and forbidden by most building codes. Concrete is quite porous and will wick moisture up into the wood where mildew will start growing on the wood.


First, I would ask how close is the concrete to the ground on the exterior of the house? Is earth in direct contact with the edges of slab or even up on the wall? You might want to consider digging a trench close to the slab and back filling it with gravel. The goal is to keep actual water from being directly under the slab. If your cabin is slightly elevated on one side, try to direct the water away from the slab. An actual "french drain" might be in order.  If your cabin does not have gutters, you should consider installing them, and again, directing water away from the slab. Ideally, the slab should have had a vapor barrier under it before the concrete was laid, but that is water under the bridge.


As to what to do on the inside. I would suggest that the mildewed areas be sprayed with a product available at Home Depot - Concrobium. This is an odorless, clear,completely non-toxic liquid that can be sprayed on surfaces and will kill and further suppress mold and mildew.


Alleviating the source of moisture and Concrobium together should go a long way to getting rid of your problem.

There are certainly other things that can be done on the inside, but they will involve carpentry and isolating wood from the concrete.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-09-02T20:40:18+0000  by ordjen
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