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mounting a TV on a unique wall

I would like to mount a TV above a fireplace, the challenge is dealing with the Stone Veneer.  Not just any stone veneer, 5" thick stone veneer!  I assume that i should not mout it to the stone or motor so I will have to mount it to somthing behind the wall, but i am not sure if i will be able to find the Studs.  I just built and mounted a mantel above the fireplace and used 4 7" toggle bolts which seems fine for that application as I was able to spread the load and it only weighs about 15 pounds (its hollow to hide all the wires for the TV).   I just don't know what type of faster should i use to hang about 60 pounds (mount and TV combined).  Any ideas?  

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Posted 2013-02-12T22:43:29+0000  by mwhobg mwhobg


Hi mwhobg,


What kind of construction is behind the stone veneer? Is it drywall, lath and plaster or concrete block?


Each might require a different solution. Short of the exact information I would recommend toggle bolts.


Toggles have a spring loaded wing which will snap open inside the wall and make for a very secure anchor.


The only question left is how deep is the wall? Five inch stone veneer and lath and plaster could make a wall thickness of 7 inches! For this application I would reccomend 3/8 inch toggle bolts.


The longest toggle bolt we sell is 3/8 x 6 inches. Thus you will have to use the wings off the 6 inch toggles and use longer bolts. The 3/8 toggles will require a 7/8 masonry drill bit.


Use at least four toggles and make sure the wall mount is secure. You don’t want that TV falling to the floor!


Let us know how it works out.



Posted 2013-02-21T19:07:13+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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