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mounting a shelf on the wall with no hardware showing

I just want to know how to mount a shelf on the wall with no hardware showing looking like there is nothing supporting the shelf. I’m working on a shelf right now and just want to know how. Plz and Thx :)

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Posted 2013-12-09T19:52:05+0000  by xplosive99 xplosive99




What you are describing is known as a "floatng shelf". It has no visible brackets or corbels underneath. Generally, they have a bracket that attaches to the wall stud with  arms projecting  several inches out from the wall. The shelf itself is either hollow  or has slots into which the arms slide.


There are also glass shelves which are only supported by a slim decorative metal bracket fastened to the wall. they also have no brackets or corbels.


Home Depot has several vesions of this type shelf. If you go to the HD website, you will find them by typing in "floating shelves" in the search box.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-12-10T05:52:16+0000  by ordjen

Hello xplosive99!


In a recent thread, another Community Member requested assistance with a very similar project.

We recommended a Keyhole Hanger that mounts inside the wooden frame using screws.

Mounting screws are attached through the wallboard into the framing boards inside the wall and the keyhole hanger slides over the head of the mounting screw to lock the shelf onto the wall.

A keyhole router bit is used to create the hole in the wood frame.

The result: hidden hangers.

Hope this is what you had in mind!

Pat InPaint

Posted 2013-12-10T19:14:54+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL


The former post referenced concerned a towel rod that was made from 4 inch wide lumber. In this case, the keyhole solution may have been adequate. However, in the case of a "floating shelf" with limited verticle height, and where some weight may be place on the shelf , I would be leery of this solution.


If brackets or corbels were used, they would support against the leveraging effect of the shelf. However, without support from below, the floating shelf will pull on the keyholes, probably ultimately resulting in their failure. There is only a thin piece of wood  to grab the head of a screw. 


If a keyhole slot is deemed desireable, there are metal keyhole slots which can be mortised into the wood and present a much stronger fastener.

Posted 2013-12-11T00:27:59+0000  by ordjen
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