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my Hampton Bay ceiling fan is not working.

HI my Hampton Bay living room ceiling fan is not working.  model ac 5280 sku# 180-968   i really dont know what to check. I flipped every breaker in the house to make sure that was not the issue. I changed the battery in the remote. I have 3 of the same fans and I changed the remote out and tried a different remote in the living room and the fan won't turn on nor will the light. I also tried the living room remote in the bed room and the remote works.  the fan worked yesterday.  I am hoping it's that part that makes it wireless that is broken and I can just order a new one but as  i dont know what else to try or check. It was a special order from homedepot and it was 400 $  a fan I took  a picture of it so I am hoping someone can help me identify the model and what needs to be done or ordered.  i did not make this fan wireless it came with the wireless adapter in the picture below.

Any help would be great full this is the living room fan and I'm in south Florida so I need my fan back :-/

 Also a side question.   I have 1 fan in the spare room that has the chain you have to pull to turn the fan on high med or low or turn the lights on.  Can that be made wireless if so can it control the speed of the fan?

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Posted 2017-08-12T22:30:15+0000  by Ppeter78 Ppeter78
I would first suspect the remote receiving unit in the fan, they are a common source of failure.  Universal replacements are readily available starting at about $20.

If you want to troubleshoot, then the best method is to figure out where the power "stops."  For example, do you have power going into the receiving unit (you need to test from hot to neutral).  If yes, then do you have power coming out of the receiving unit?  If not, then the problem is the receiving unit.  If yes, then the trouble lies elsewhere in the fan.
Posted 2017-08-13T10:33:45+0000  by Adam444
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