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my garage has r11 & r13 insulation the walls, but its freezing, how can I improve

My attached 2 car garage has r11 and r13 insulation in the walls, open ceiling, asphalt floors, and it is only about 2 degrees warmer than outside, so here in Montana after the temp falls below 40 I can no longer work comfortably in the garage, what improvements can I do to improve the temperature?, my intention is to have a gas heater installed come springtime, but dont want all the heat to escape   


Thanks for the help


Dan Weaver

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Posted 2013-12-10T20:56:20+0000  by DEWEAVER DEWEAVER




I have answered your other post above. Your immediate problem is that what every little bit of heat you have, is going directly upward and outward. You have to block the upward convection currents. Even a simple layer of plastic sheeting stapled to the rafters would help greatly to retain heat down  below. This assumes you have have some intermittent source of heat, such as a space heater. Remember, there are vents in that roof too. If not, there should be!  


As a painting contractor in Chicago, I often would use the customer's garage in winter. A simple two headed 30k btu propane heater, which attaches to a standard 20 pound tank, will heat a two garage up to comfortable levels in a few minutes if there is a ceiling to block the heat from escaping upward.

Posted 2013-12-10T23:27:08+0000  by ordjen
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