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my lawn mower is leaking gas from the filter area , how do i stop it?

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Posted 2011-07-26T16:28:25+0000  by jajahero68 jajahero68

Hi jajahero,


I'm Travis in Atlanta.


If your mower has a fuel line shut off valve, turn it to where the thumb handle is across the fuel line, or perpendicular to the fuel line. This will stop the flow.

Fuel shut off.jpg

If the mower has no such shut off, clamp a pair of Vice-Grip pliers onto the rubber fuel line. Be careful not to damage the fuel line. ( Adjust the pliers by loosening the screw so that the jaws only press the rubber hose to shut, not so tight as to damage the rubber.) This works for walk behind mowers as well as riders.


If a walk behind mower is turned on its side with the air filter downward, fuel and oil will spill out of the carburetor and ruin the air filter. Replace the filter with a new one and check the oil level in the motor. The mower will smoke for a few minutes after you start the engine, this is to be expected, since oil is now in the muffler. Let it burn off for a few minutes.


If you have a rider mower, sometimes debris gets into the needle valve in the carburetor, causing it to stick open. When this happens, fuel will siphon from the gas tank and flood out of the carburetor and onto the floor or into the crankcase of the engine, contaminating the motor oil. (Yes, this has happened to ME.) This is another reason that you should always check the oil level before you crank an engine. Gasoline in your oil is never good.


Clean the carburetor with spray carb cleaner. You also may need to remove the float bowl from the bottom of the carburetor to get the debris out.


If gas gets into the motor oil, drain it, fill with oil, run it for a few minutes and drain it again. Change the oil filter too, if there is one. Refill the crankcase and you are ready to mow.



I hope this helps.




Posted 2011-07-26T17:40:09+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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