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my maytag ice maker overflows and freezes giant blocks of ice. can it be repaired?

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Posted 2013-12-17T21:51:08+0000  by jlmeeker jlmeeker

Please post the model number of your refrigerator.


To understand what's happening here let's talk a bit about what an "ice maker" actually is.  It's actually an automated ice cube tray.  Instead of taking the tray to the sink an filling it, the refrigerator does it for you via an electrically controlled valve called a solenoid.  The ice maker sends electrical current to the solenoid, the valve opens for a short period of time filling the tray.  Once the cubes freeze, a motor turns little plastic fingers that push the cubes from the tray and process starts over.


What I suspect is that the timing mechanism that controls the solenoid is malfunctioning, allowing too much water to flow into the ice maker.  The other option is that the solenoid isn't closing properly.  


Either problem is easily fixable but the question is if it's cost effect to do so.  The icemaker itself runs $85 to $100 plus tax and/or shipping.  The solenoid is less, but off hand I don't know how much less.  Either could be replaced by a mechanically inclined person in less than a hour.


Do you want to try to repair this yourself?

Posted 2013-12-18T11:06:54+0000  by Adam444
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