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my palm tree is leaves are yellow. what do I need to do

My palm tree leaves are yellow. what do I need to do to stop them from turning yellow. Looks like the tree is dying
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Posted 2016-01-08T16:20:08+0000  by water water

Hi Water. 


Thank you for your question and welcome to the Home Depot Community.


There are a couple of mistakes people make when planting their palm trees:


1.    Over-Watering - When planting a new palm you want to make sure that the soil drains well.  Over watering can cause the palm fronds to turn yellow or brown and fall off.  To adjust a soil that is not well drained, you will want to use a 30% - 50% mix of sand to soil when you plant your palm.  A newly planted palm should be watered every day for the first week, unless Mother Nature is taking care of tat for you. 

2.    Not enough water – Not providing your newly planted palm tree with enough water will cause the tips of your palm fronds to turn brown. Most palm trees like to be in a damp/moist soil that is well drained.  How much water is enough?  For a typical 5 gal palm tree, you will want to give the palm tree 5 gallons of water.  For a 15 gal palm tree, 15 gallons of water and so on.  Use a moisture meter the next day to check if your newly planted palm tree has had enough water.  The soil should be moist down at the roots.

3.    Root Damage – When planting a new palm tree, many people think that adding fertilizer to the soil when they plant the palm tree is a good idea.  WRONG!  This will only expedite the demise of your palm tree. Regular fertilizer added too close to the root system will burn the root system.  There is usually enough fertilizer in the soil from the nursery to last your plant about 30 days or more.  Your new palm tree does not need to be fertilized for at least two months.  Give your new plant a chance to get established first.

4.    Fertilizer burn – Adding fertilizer to an established palm tree and placing it too close to the trunk of the palm tree can burn the trunk and make the plant more susceptible to diseases.  On an established palm tree, place the fertilizer about 2-3 feet from the truck of the palm tree. 

5.    Not Fertilizing – Top stay healthy and grow, your palm tree will need to be fertilized about 4-5 times a year during the warm months.  A good fertilizer will provide the palm with the vitamins it will need to grow strong and fight off pests.

6.    Bad Soil - If you have planted your palm tree in a soil that does not drain well such as a clay soil, there will not be sufficient drainage for your palm tree.  A good soil will allow good drainage and stay damp but not wet.  Since you are in Florida, you probably have a lot of sandy soil which will benefit your palm tree.

7.    Wrong Climate for your Palm tree – Be sure to check the Plant Hardiness Zone for your palm tree. Planting a palm tree in a climate that is too cold, too hot, or too dry will hot bode well for your palm tree. 


8.    Sunburn – If you have planted a younger palm tree, you will want to provide a cover for the palm tree.  In many instances, your palm tree may have been grown inside a nursery greenhouse or shade environment.  Even if the plant tag says “Full Sun”, use caution during the hot seasons when planting a new palm tree.

I hope that this will give you a couple of answers to what may be happening to your palm tree.


Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.



Posted 2016-01-08T19:00:41+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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