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nail gun

what nail gun should i use for 1/4 inch plywood into 2 by 3 studs?

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Posted 2013-09-01T02:58:29+0000  by therev therev

Can you describe your project in a bit more detail?  You can go in lots of directions depending on what you need to accomplish and what the finished work needs to look like.  Do you need a full headed nail?  If so, then you're looking at what called a "sheathing" nailer.  The drawback is that they're kind of specialized tools and the investment might be a bit high for a one time use.  You could also use a full head framing nailer, the nails might be a little long for your application but you could use it for other stuff as well.


If the finished appearance is important, then look at a 18 g. or 16 ga. finish nailer.  The brads won't have the holding power of of a full head nail but they're sufficient for interior trim applications.  They also have multiple uses in trim carpentry.



Finally, if you just want down and dirty without a large investment in tools, use a narrow crown stapler.  Plenty of holding power.  But, again, it's a more specialized tool.




Posted 2013-09-01T11:06:50+0000  by Adam444
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