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need compressor recommendation for HVLP guns .. dewalt and huskys, up to 8 gal wont run em'

had to return  2 dewalts and 1 husky , dewalts were 4 gal dual tanks , husky was 6 gal single tank and neither can keep up with my HVLP , the depot associate reassured me all 3 would work but hasnt been the case , they just over work the motors to point of shutoff and im constantly back and forth to the compressor resetting it . need something i can transport and take from job to job that doesnt require me to have a 40 or 60gal stand up compressor 

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Posted 2013-09-22T23:25:36+0000  by dlox421 dlox421

You need to figure out the air volume/pressure requirements of your gun and then work back to a compressor that will meet those requirements.  Depending on the gun, you may not be able to find a portable compressor that meets the air needs of the gun.  I would also imagine, somewhere in the fine print, is the duty cycle of the compressor.  Most of them aren't meant to run continously.


Have you thought about a HVLP gun that is paired with a turbine?  That way you don't need to worry about a compressor.  I know those can be a bit expensive...

Posted 2013-09-22T23:45:37+0000  by Adam444

HVLP stands for "high VOLUMN, low pressure". I have never understood how these siplon pots that require 40 psi or so, are called HVLP? A true HVLP unit utilizes a turbine with a large hose that looks like a vacumn cleaner hose. It operates at only single digit air pressures, but LOTS of air. Because the pressure is so low, the overspray from the atomization is only a fraction of that from a traditional siplon gun running at high pressure.


If you go to the Home Depot website, you will find true HVLP's with turbines starting around $100. A nice feature of the HD website, is that there are customer reviews of each product. Some of these reviews are brutally honest, but they give a good idea as to how good the product is.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-09-23T17:47:49+0000  by ordjen

You'll need to invest in an HVLP turbine setup. It may be possible to utilize your present gun--depending on that gun. Don't let anyone tell you a small tank can be made to work . . . remember HV, i.e., high volume.


(Low pressure, by the way, refers to the pressure at the nozzle and relates to minimizing overspray, the EPA, VOCs, yada yada.)

Posted 2014-01-27T16:57:19+0000  by JCResponse
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