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need help finding the right parts for this outside faucet setup

Hello, I am needing a little help trying to figure out what items i need to buy to complete this project.  I don't have a lot of knowledge about the specific names of things, so it has been a little hard trying to figure this out on my own. 


Firstly, i think i should post a picture of what i am trying to accomplish.




there is a copper water line coming out of the house.  what i would like to do is attach a 'tee' to split the water into a faucet connection on one end and a pvc pipe in the other.


i found a few potential items that might help me but i am not sure if they would actually work for my application since i know next to nothing about this stuff :( 


first i found this item from camco.  it is actually used in rv motor homes in some manner but it seems like it might work.  but how well it would hold up outside environment is another question. another concern is that it seems like the 'back' connector would not fit the copper part coming out of my house.





next i found this which is another product from camco.  i'm was only interested in the 'tee' part, but again, i don't know if the 'threads' actually match up to the copper or my faucet.  but i liked how there was a shut off switch on the side.




then i found this thing.  i dont even know what it is called, but maybe it would be some kind of adapter that would let me screw the whole thing into the copper line?

hex hose.JPG




finally i stumbled upon something that i really like.  it has something call a ball valve i think, and this switch that could give me the option to have either the faucet on or the pvc line, or i think even both!  i really like this b/c it has a big handle, and would give me a lot more flexbility...  ideally i would like to find something like this that would be the right size to fit, but i don't know enough about all this stuff to even ask someone what i am looking for  :(





in conclusion i need a lot of help :)


ps. this is what my copper part looks like coming out of the house.  originally i had used a pvc 'tee' but it got all busted so i want to find a more sturdy, metal solution.  i hope these pictures will help




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Posted 2014-02-05T18:45:08+0000  by ccl007 ccl007


Thanks for the extra information cloo7 I think we've got it more or less figured out. You initial diagram and research into possible parts made this far easier to visualize than it could have been.

I used your diagram as an example and took into account how things needed to connect. Remember that anywhere you are screwing metal to metal use Teflon tape. Always dry fit PVC pieces together before applying any glue.

Assembling this setup is pretty straight forward:

1. First remove the old hose bibb and screw the brass tee onto the copper.

2. Next thread the new hose bibb into the tee.

3. Before connecting the brass nipple to the tee, screw it into the ball valve. Screw the PVC male adapter to the opposite end of the ball valve.

4. Cut the PVC pipe below the break shown in your last picture so that you start with a clean end. Attach the PVC coupling with glue.

5.  Screw the assembled ball valve and connections into the tee. Measure from just inside the male adapter to just inside of the coupling.

6. Cut a replacement piece of PVC to run between the two. Apply glue and primer to both ends of the pipe. The length should leave you just enough play in the pipe to be able to place the PVC pipe into the coupling and then slide it up into the male adapter. Allow to dry.

The brass connections will be far stronger than the old fully PVC setup and the ball valve will allow you to cut water flow to the PVC line at will. Below is a list of the parts used and the store SKU assigned to those parts.  Just in case the connections are 1/2 inch and not ¾ inch I've included those as well. I hope this helps and let me know If I can help further.




3/4 in. FIP Tee – SKU#  770980
3/4 in. Lead-Free Brass Pipe Nipple – Internet# 202254967
3/4 in. Brass FPT Full-Port Threaded Ball Valve – SKU# 869637
3/4 in. PVC Schedule 40 Male Adapter – SKU# 188131
3/4 in. PVC Schedule 40 Pressure Slip x Slip Coupling – SKU# 188077
1/2 in. PVC Schedule 40 Pressure Slip x Slip Coupling – SKU# 188069

3/4 in. Brass MPT x MHT Quarter-Turn Hose Bibb Valve – SKU# 244697

1/2 in. Brass FIP Tee – SKU# 474741

1/2 in. x 3/4 in. Brass MPT x MHT Hose Bibb – SKU# 881851

1/2 in. Brass Hex Nipple – SKU# 764097

1/2 in. Brass FPT Ball Valve – SKU# 869340

1/2 in. PVC Schedule Male Adapter – SKU# 188123

Posted 2014-04-14T13:32:17+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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