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need help with a basement floor

hi! I;m working on a house that is being rehabbed. at the moment i am workin gon the basement floor. the house is over 100 yrs old, and the previous owners had some of the concrete pad jackhammered and tossed in a corner. there seem to be two layers to the pad: you have the dirt under it, then bricks, then the slab itself. about half of the bricks are disturbed, so i am re laying them, and will then pour concrete over it. would i need to use a self leveler to pour directly over the bricks, or can i just pour the concrete right on top of the bricks? its not a huge basement, roughly 8 ft by 20 ft.  also , about  how thick does the concrete pour need to be?  there is no weight on the floor slab, other than the furnace.

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Posted 2011-03-21T02:46:40+0000  by icabear3 icabear3

bad news: no basement windows!  but i do have the floor pulled up by ne of the first floor bedroom windows, as it needed to be replaced....


this house is down to bare studs on the walls and half the floor is gone, this place was in bad shape! working from the basement floor up on the rebuild, but man is this tough. will have to check in on the truck, see how much it'll be... tbc

Posted 2011-05-10T01:12:59+0000  by icabear3


the above is the picasa folder of all the work thats been done so far on this place! sorry they aren't in order, but its a 'work in progress' :) thanks guys for all your help!!

Posted 2011-05-10T01:33:09+0000  by icabear3

Good job icebear3!


What a project...:smileysurprised:

You weren’t kidding when you said house is down to the studs:smileysurprised:

Everything looks great and I’ve enjoyed those pictures (this would definitely sound weird to somebody )...but yes I’ve enjoyed those picture and I’ve enjoyed watching  things getting done RIGHT!


Please upload some basement pictures once you get the floor poured.



Posted 2011-05-10T13:58:59+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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