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need to inclose laundry area

I put an offer on a house today but it has one drawback.  The washer and dryer is in the kitchen.  They are located near the back door with cabinets above them.  I would like to inclose this area to make a "laundry closet" so that the washer and dryer are not visible at all times in the kitchen.  I don't mind something simple or temporary as long as the area is inclosed.  In another year or two we will be completely remodeling the kitchen (cabinets and appliances are old) so don't want to spend too much money now inclosing the area since its all going to change in the future.

My e-mail address is if anyone knows what I should do.  Thanks!

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Posted 2011-05-31T02:24:06+0000  by armywifenma23 armywifenma23

Hi there armywifenma23 and thank you for joining.


Washer and dryer in the kitchen? :smileysurprised:

I'm wondering if the guy who built that home was trying to save on a dishwasher:smileyvery-happy:


You said you'd like to hide that genius set up from the rest of the world...


Well first thing that came to my mind was to use some type of the prefinished paneling that would mach existing kitchen cabinets.


paneling1.jpgpaneling 2.jpgpaneling 3.jpgpaneling 4.jpgpaneling 5.jpgpaneling 6.jpg




Prefinished paneling doesn’t need to be painted, doesn’t need to be sanded and it would make a perfect choice for this project in my opinion.


But before you start with an enclosure I would consider couple things;

First enclosure would have to be set back far enough so you can open washer and dryer (front loaders) and the wall cabinets OR enclosure would have to be built with a large enough door opening to allow for the same doors to open freely.


Personally I would lean towards large door opening.


This said my choice for the enclosure would be standard framing lumber or 2x4s  to accommodate for the door installation and prefinished paneling.


For the door opening I would pick a set of two bi fold doors; bi fold doors come in verity of sizes anywhere from 24" to 48" inches and their operation allows full access to the area.



Hope this helps and good luck with an offer you've put on the house yesterday.



Posted 2011-05-31T15:07:24+0000  by George_HD_CHI

hey!! steeltoes has some really good ideas, but another option you can think about is screens. its definitely temporary, but it can be alot cheaper than  building up a new wall.  another option my friend  suggested is to get some of those old time closet doors, the kind with the slats up and down them, and hinge them. they can be found with luck at resale shops that deal with home improvement supplies, or you can check out online.  again, these would be temporary solutions, but if you're looking to remodel in the next year or so, it might be a nifty idea.

Posted 2011-05-31T18:26:58+0000  by icabear3
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