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need to support a heavy set person on a full size bed. either slats or plywood 53" slats or 53"x70" what would you suggest?

Double bed needs support needs to price the best option. What do you suggest?
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Posted 2018-03-14T09:33:45+0000  by justmelilb justmelilb

Hello justmelilb and welcome to the community.


Choosing between slats or plywood may depend on the type of frame your bed has.  If possible a combination of both slats and ¾” plywood, with the slats supporting the plywood.  If choosing between the two I would suggest slats but add several additions slats.

I have a wood frame and the rail that supported the slats kept braking.  I still wanted to use my wood frame.  Therefore, I purchased an 18” metal platform bed frame that fit just inside my wood frame.  It is very portable and is easy to set up.  It provides great support.


This mattress foundation can be used independently or with traditional bed frames, optional headboard and footboard brackets are available.  Supports 1,200 lbs. and can be used with or without a box spring.


Sweet dreams.



Posted 2018-03-15T12:58:18+0000  by Char_HD_CHI

Greetings justmelilb,

Welcome to the community, thank you for your question.

I would think slats over plywood. I remember as a child flipping mattresses with my mother, all of our beds had horizontal wooden slats under the box springs.

I believe the more slats the more stable and fortified the foundation of the bed will be.

What is the frame made of, metal or wood, I suggest you take a look at the casters of the bed as well, some metal bed frames come with small plastic wheeled casters, and you may consider switching them to a heavy-duty, rubber wheeled, caster, this would allow you to move the bed easily even when occupied…just a thought.

Give this link a look: this frame is designed to hold  an extreme amount of weight. 

Also look at all the safety supports available at the Home Depot, watch the video on this link to allow you pre-act, so that you will not have to react to any safety situations.

I hope this helps, please let us know if you have any other questions.




Posted 2018-03-15T13:18:42+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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