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Bath & Faucets

new construction bathroom. typical surrounds are too tall but would love something one piece. How to work around?

We are building an apartment over our garage. The bathroom is on the outside wall which creates a 5'6" left end side for a tub. The drain side is plenty tall for a typical surround. I'd like to use a surround rather than tile for expense reasons and ease of keeping clean and less chance of leaks for upstairs apartment.

How can I work around this problem using standard supplies?

Thank you!!
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Posted 2015-08-21T13:12:38+0000  by CarolinaFran CarolinaFran

Hello CarolinaFran and welcome to the Community.


I am trying to picture your bathroom situation.   I believe you are implying that your bathroom has a hip wall or sloping wall because of the pitch of your roof and at one end the wall is 5’ 6” and at the other end where your plumbing would be is maybe 8’. 


If this is the case you would have to cut one end of the shower surround and cut the side on an angle.  If this is feasible, will depend on the unit you choose. Are you looking for a shower surround or a tub surround or a one piece bath and stall unit? Click on the orange words to see Home Depots selection.  If you have one in mind, l would be happy to help find out if it can be adapted for your situation.

One piece unit


Let me know what you decide.



Posted 2015-08-25T17:05:17+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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