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new fence

we are putting our pickets up now and have run into a problem (or so we think). the ground is getting higher in the middle of 50ft and we think we need to trim the bottom of the pickets..Do we do that? or just follow the ground? its about 3in higher! what do we do?!

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Posted 2011-09-06T14:26:44+0000  by Mclimer Mclimer

Greetings Mclimer,


Thank you for your question, it is another good one to share with the community. In my years I have installed fences of many types and of many materials. With wood fencing it can be installed in sections (also known as panels) that are prefabricated, or the vertical pieces of wood or "pickets" that create the fence can be installed individually.


While the fence posts need to be plumb and level, the fencing material usually follows the contour of the ground. But what you choose is a matter of preference. Here are at least two ways to do this effectively and easily.


1) For following the contour of the ground. - Use a "spacer" such as a scrap piece of 2x4 that you place on the ground as a height gauge to set each individual picket and once you ensure they are plumb, screw or nail them in place. This will allow you to follow the contour of the ground consistently as well as easily.


2) If you would like to maintain the same height and have a "level" fence considering there is only a difference of 3 inches in height on a 50 feet run of fence, place one picket at each end of the framed fence that is ready for pickets.  Place one picket at each end of the run. Attach a string to the post on both ends of the fence at the top of the pickets, and use the string as a guide for height. Place each picket upside down to determine the height and cut each to size prior to plumbing and nailing or screwing in place. The end result will be a level fence.


Whichever way you choose will give you a project you can be proud of that will frame your yard for years to come. We would love to see a picture when you are done!


Welcome to our community, and as always remember the DIY rule - Measure twice and cut once.

Posted 2011-09-06T15:06:25+0000  by HD116

I'm a little confused about your response. By saying picket, do you mean the actual fence panel? If so, are you saying that to keep the fence level you are to cut the bottom of the panels that require it? Finally, since it is such a small variance in the slope, could you not change the height of the posts to even out the connection of the fence panel, thus keeping it level?


Looking forward to your guidance.



Posted 2013-07-17T22:11:08+0000  by Pilkster
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