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new front door

Assembly depth on all your doors lists 4.5625.  Is this for a 4x4 or 4x6 wall?  I need for 4x6.

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Posted 2013-05-03T02:27:09+0000  by tned tned

99% of the doors HD carries are for 2x4 construction. There are some 2x6 framed doors, but they are the plain 6 panel. The best way to modify an instock door to fit 2x6 construction is to purchase a jamb extension kit with the door. These normally cost around $30.00, just remember to get the right threshold color to match the selected door. To apply the extension kit, you remove the brickmould (the frame on the exterior side of the door that creates a lip), then attach the theshold extension piece to the bottom of the door. Attach the jamb extension pieces to the side of the jamb that you removed the brickmould from and then reinstall brickmold. You now have a door that will fit 2x6 construction. Alternately, you could also special order a door with the jamb sized accordingly, but this normally costs more and must be shipped, taking up to 3 weeks.



HD Millwork/ Flooring/ Decor Specialist and Independant Designer

Posted 2013-05-03T02:45:18+0000  by AMPInteriors
That is good advice, also may I also suggest that you use small trim nails so you do not split the jamb extension.
Posted 2014-04-17T02:57:09+0000  by GregGKapitan
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