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Bath & Faucets

new sink and faucet installation

I am purchasing a new basin for my pedestal sink I would like to change from a 3 hole basin to a one whole basin. Is the change in plumbing complicated?
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Posted 2015-08-09T01:09:03+0000  by suitcasejo suitcasejo
Any plumbing changes are minimal, if any.  It's really just a function of how the new fixture is designed internally.  Beyond that it's just a matter of connecting hot to hot and cold to cold.
Posted 2015-08-09T09:17:19+0000  by Adam444
Hi suitcasejo!

Supply lines and faucet connections do not change in your transition from three to one hole basin.

Tower faucets have both hot and cold lines extending below the faucet and an anchor device under the sink to hold the tower secure.

Simply attach the cold and hot supply lines to the appropriate side of the faucet.

The beauty of pedestal sinks is hidden plumbing ... so you may have to adjust the length of your supply lines to keep them inside the pedestal column.
Posted 2015-08-11T14:37:59+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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