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no remote for ceiling fan in recently purchased house

We recently purchased a house and the great room ceiling is approximately 15 ft. high. The previous owners lost the remote for thr fan and we cannot turn it on. He is almost positive it is a Hampton Bay. If I posted a pix here do you think you can identify it? Our only other choice is to rent scaffolding to read the model number.

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Posted 2012-02-01T13:59:30+0000  by bumpers bumpers

If it is a Hampton Bay Fan and we are able to figure out which one it is the only issue might still be that in the fan canopy where the receiver is there are a set of dip switches on it that have to match the new remote you buy.  So what this means is that even if we figure out what fan you have, you might have to still get up there anyway to check it.

But please post a couple pictures so we can try and assist you.

Posted 2012-02-01T15:23:26+0000  by AAriondo

Hello bumpers,


Welcome to the community.


Yes I think that if you posted a picture that one of us here should be able to identify what model it is.


Looks like Aariondo and I are on the same track. My only concern is that once you figure out the model you will still need to get to the fan in order to figure out the pin configuration so that the new remote will link up to the receiver. You might get lucky and the receiver will have the same pin settings as the new remote but chances are that they won't.


I would say that a good start would be to post a picture and see if one of us can identify the fan and then go from there.


Another option in order to get to the fan is to rent an A-frame ladder in stead of scaffolding. It would be easier to set up and take down.:smileywink:


I will keep a look out for your picture and see if I can identify the fan for you.  

Posted 2012-02-01T15:29:31+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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