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online pigment visualization

Is there some type of tool online where I can plug in pigment numbers and see the resultant color.


I'm fully aware that my monitor isn't going to "correctly" display the color, but I think it would be useful  to see the deltas.


A fabricated  example:


I have a can of brand XYZ "coffee bean".


To create that color, HD added  1 216/384 oz BL (black),   196/384 oz FL (a red shade), and 88/384 oz RUL (pinkish) to a one quart can.


I plug those numbers into some tool and my computer displays it's interpretation of "coffee bean".


I put some of this paint on my wall and I think it's too red for my tastes.


I'd like to see what my computer thinks the color would look like with half as much FL.


Anybody know of such a tool?


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Posted 2013-02-16T23:42:33+0000  by kylepstein kylepstein

Hi Kyle - Thanks for stopping by the community.


Although Home Depot uses what's called Universal Tints, they don't react the same way in all bases or products.  It would be very difficult to replicate every scenario and give an accurate representation of each paint manufacture's product (not to mention competition issues among top providers).


The absolute best way to experiment with colors and specific formulas is by mixing the actual colors in specific products.  We have tiny 8oz paint testers (under $3 each) that can be manipulated by either percentage or by manually adding colorerant.  Any paint associate at your store would be happy to help you out with the specifics.




As far as your hypothesis:  


FL is more of a deep reddish-brown colorerant and RUL is a very rich red color.  Reducing the RUL will diminish the overall red tone. 


You can also go directly to and look at their color wall to compare colors that way.

Posted 2013-02-17T15:57:52+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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