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paint a white vinyl fence?

I have a 3 year old white vinyl fence in the backyard. It is sturdy but we hate the looks of it and wish we had gotten a wood fence. Can anyone recommend an easy fix? Can it be stained with exterior deck stain? What about regular exterior paint that can be used on vinyl siding? Has anyone done this and have pictures or stories? Thanks
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Posted 2015-06-23T15:07:58+0000  by Robin33547 Robin33547
Hi Robin33547,

Your fix is as easy as the following steps:

1) Clean both sides of the fence using Mold Armor Deck and Fence Wash;

2) Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose and allow to dry;

3) Prime with Zinsser 123, a water-based primer designed for vinyl, aluminum, and galvanized surfaces;

4) Don't forget have your Paint Associate tint your primer similar to your new color ... there is no charge for tinting;

5) Paint two coats with Behr Ultra Exterior (satin or semi-gloss) in your color of choice;

6) Read this post which has a video and explains "How To" Spray, Brush or Roll; and

7) Schedule to use Mold Armor Deck and Fence Wash every other year to keep the fence looking great!

Deck stains are penetrating sealers.

They are designed to absorb into wood.

Since vinyl is not porous, you would not select stain for this project.
Posted 2015-06-23T15:28:05+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

There is one caveat when painting PVC plastic products, which fencing material generally is: you must not paint it a dark color as dark colors absorb heat and can cause severe and  permanent distortion of the material. You may have notice that you have never ween a dark colored vinyl siding or vinyl windows.

PVC plastic exhibits dramatic expansion when heated and that distortion can begin at as little as 130 degrees! This is easily reached on dark surfaces in the summer sun. There are documented cases where reflected heat off mirrored glass from windows on neighboring houses has caused the vinyl siding on a house to permanently warp!

I would call the manufacturer of your siding to get advice on what colors might be permitted. Short of that, go to the home center and pick a color in use by vinyl siding makers.

Over the years, I have painted many homes, with good results, using 100% acrylic paint directly to vinyl siding without a dedicated primer. All Behr exterior paint products are pure acrylic. 

Posted 2015-06-29T06:25:59+0000  by ordjen
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