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paint additive

I have some battleship gray satin exterior porch paint left from last year.  I was going to do a quick brush over the porch again this year and I was there anything that can be added to the paint to make it glossier.  I prefer gloss or semi-gloss on my porch, but where I bought the paint last year did not have it.  There must be something I could add to make it glossy.

Thank you in advance for your answer,


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Posted 2013-05-21T03:45:36+0000  by angelgran1 angelgran1




Unfortunately, there is no additive to increase paint gloss. Addition of  gloss paint to the original would increase its gloss somewhat, but the simplest solution is to just buy more paint in a gloss sheen.

Posted 2013-05-21T05:44:06+0000  by ordjen

Hello Angelgran1!


Both Behr and Glidden make a high-gloss porch and floor paint.


So simply take a color sample or the color name and number to your Paint Associate and they can re-create your color in gloss.



Porch and Floor paints are made specifically for walking surfaces. Neither interior nor exterior wall nor trim paint will withstand foot traffic. So, be cautious to use only products specifically designed for application on floors.

Posted 2013-05-21T15:23:04+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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