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paint after removing wallpaper

I removed a hallway of wallpaper. It peeled right off without anything. There was one spot that it removed the drywall paper (which I puttied). The rest of the walls just have a thin yellowing bumpy residue. What do I do now and what exactly do I need to buy (never been a DIYer before) before painting

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Posted 2013-12-21T08:00:09+0000  by alisha0728 alisha0728




That "residue" is the paste that was holding the paper on the wall. You must remove it before procedeing with painting. The paste is water soluble and will rinse off with water. Use of a 3M scrubby pad will help loosen it up.


Where the drywall paper was ripped off, you will want to seal in the exposed brown paper with a non-water soluble primer such as Kilz or CoverStain before beginning your patching. If not sealed first, the exposed paper will often wrinkle up in the presence of the water in the patching compound.


Once the paching and washing is done, it is a good idea to spot prime the patch, and then give the entire area a general priming before painting. 


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-12-21T21:47:57+0000  by ordjen
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