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paint and primer

how long should I wait to paint treated wood on a front porch and what type of paint and primer should I use

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Posted 2013-08-31T14:54:17+0000  by tom56 tom56

Hey ordjen,thanks for the info. When I went to the Home Depot store to get the paint I asked the paint pro about painting treated wood just to see what they would say,well according them I should wait a hole year before painting are you kidding me I would have to scrub the wood to get the gray tone off.I think Home Depot needs to better inform their workers,thanks again.

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Posted 2013-09-02T01:20:39+0000  by tom56



The biggest concern with pressure treated wood is the moisture content.. Preesure treated wood is made by putting the wood in large "pressure cooker" like vessels where they are submerged in water containing the preservative chemicals. Unfortunately, this saturates the wood and requires a drying period before painting.


The most accurate check of whether f a board is dry enough would be a moisture meter. However, most people don't keep such a meter in their tool box. Second best is to just feel the wood. does it feel dry? Another test is to sprinkle water on the wood and see if it forms beads which sit on the surface for several minutes. The forming of beads is an indication that the wood is still very high in water content and can not absorb more water. Normally. several weeks of good dry summer weather would lower the moisture content to an acceptable level.


Once dry, first choice would be an oil based primer followed by a couple coats of an acrylic porch and floor paint, such as made by Behr or Glidden. Acrylic paints have several attributes over oil; they breathe better, allowing moisture in the wood to exit without causing peeling. They are more color fast. They form a more flexible paint film which is capable of flexing with the wood as the seasons change.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-09-01T04:53:37+0000  by ordjen
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