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paint color adjustment

I just cut in the yellow paint I bought for my bathroom and it looks like too bright a color. Can I bring my paint to the store and get the color adjusted?

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Posted 2011-09-29T15:00:43+0000  by wilhkar wilhkar

Hello Wilhkar!


The Home Depot has cornered the market on customer service and that includes helping adjust colors to make them useful in your home, office, or other gathering spot.


So your answer is absolutely!!!


Bring your paint back to The Store, go through the returns desk so they can place a seal on the can indicating you already purchased the paint, then come on back to The Paint Pit and we'll do everything within our capability to adjust your color!


By the way, thanks for shopping at The Home Depot!

Best Answer

Posted 2011-09-29T17:58:53+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thanks for the quick answer -- and I am really happy that I can get the help. When I was in a Home Depot last, the customer service was noticeably great - everyone knew where to find things and made sure you did. Tell everyone that we appreciate it.


This is my first time using this forum, and I will certainly be back.

Posted 2011-09-30T16:52:39+0000  by wilhkar

Hello Again Wilhkar!


Thanks so much for the Approved Solution!


Let us know how the adjusted color works out.

Posted 2011-10-04T12:02:39+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL


  I was reading your suggestion regarding paint color adjustments and wondered if you had any further suggestions that I could use.  I just purchased the following colors: Reflecting Pool and Light French Gray by Behr.  We are painted the lower half of our wall with the Light French Gray and all we see if BLUE-reminds us of baby blue.  Although we have not tried the reflecting pool (afraid that the blue would just stand out more), do you have any suggestions on what could be added to our already mixed paint to create a more grey color, silvery grey even? Thanks

Posted 2013-02-19T17:56:17+0000  by Alexander8

Hello Alexander8!


Thanks for the great question!


Just yesterday, I had a very similar adjustment ... a young couple who were "new painters" chose a light gray and found it appeared off-white when they tried it on their wall. We made their color almost one full shade darker, but did not exactly match their new color.


So, start by taking your gallons back to The Paint Pit and locate Light French Gray.


Gray colors get more saturated as you move across and down the board.


Locate a similar color that you like and ask your Paint Associate if they can adjust your paint toward that color.


If your original and new colors are made in the same base (white, medium, or deep) you'll have a better chance of making a color similar to the new color.


Colors that are in different bases are not as easy to adjust and are unlikely to ever get as dark as your new color.


With those caveats in place, most of our experienced Paint Associates will try to adjust already purchased paint to make paint that is at least useful, rather than you lose the cost of one or more gallons.


We never guarantee adjustments will work. How close we get depends upon the new color you choose.



I strongly recommend purchasing and trying an inexpensive half-pint color sample before purchasing gallons of paint.



Darker colors are nearly impossible to lighten much. While lighter colors can often be moved slightly darker.

Posted 2013-02-19T18:29:13+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
I was wondering what color would go with the color sage at adjoining walls in the same room? In the living room 1 wall will be sage ! am trying to pick out a color for the other 2 walls, Ceiling is white?
Posted 2013-11-13T11:33:32+0000  by mdsigala
I have a medium-dark grey paint, is it possible to get it to blue? How much would it cost?
Posted 2017-02-23T14:54:18+0000  by Jenna09
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