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paint colors for small living room


We live in a 1 beedroom condo. We would like to paing our living room space. Its aprox 20-25 ft by 10?? One window
best co;or to brighten up?? 

thank you..


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Posted 2015-04-13T16:52:15+0000  by ChefG ChefG
What a great project ChefG!

Expect this project to take approximately two gallons for two coats.

Colors that brighten large spaces with very little natural light are going to be Off-whites and Neutrals.

I would start by freshening the trim, doors, and windows with a fresh coat of bright white semi-gloss.

This will provide a very white base that will contrast with fairly light wall colors.

Next, consider colors similar to Cottage White #1813.

A flat sheen will show the fewest imperfections and be easiest to touch up.

If this is an activity room and you need a tiny bit of wash-ability, you might choose eggshell instead.

This "Quick Tip" video describes sheen to help you make better selections.

Watch Our How-To Video

If you stay with the light color on white trim, you'll find your room feels larger and more inviting.
Posted 2015-04-14T11:41:57+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
If you like the recommendations in Paint Colors For Small Living Room
Posted 2015-06-04T15:56:26+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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