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paint or stain pt wood

I am attempting to stain or paint outdoor PT wood.  Are there colors stains like red or yellow?

How long to I let PT dry before staining?  The piece is a 12' post, I wanted to use three different colors red yellow whte for example about 2 inches of each color all the way up post. Sounds ugly but it's my ugly.  Any ideas?

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Posted 2013-10-12T13:43:22+0000  by rv1 rv1

I'd think that paint would be a more economical choice because paint is readily available in smaller containers than stain.  Prime you post with a good quality exterior primer and top coat with with a couple of coats of paint inyour primary color.  Then tape off your colored stripes.


As for dry, when water is absorbed by the post and doesn't bead on the surface.

Posted 2013-10-13T04:49:25+0000  by Adam444




Behr solid hide acrylic stains can be tinted to any color you want. They are self-priming and require two coats. An economical solution for you would be to buy 4,  8 ounce "tester" jars in the colors of your choice. The testers are just under $3 per jar. They contain more than enough stain to do two coats of each color on each side of the post.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-10-13T05:13:50+0000  by ordjen
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