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paint over gloss paint

Can I apply low gloss or flat interior paint over top of gloss paint. Was painted last year using beher gloss paint.

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Posted 2013-06-22T01:13:46+0000  by btimmer btimmer

Clean the surface well and give it a light sanding to scuff up the paint.

Posted 2013-06-22T13:03:05+0000  by Adam444

Hello btimmer!


Gloss surfaces are designed to repel dirt and stains ... that's why our most often touched surfaces (like trim) are often semi-gloss or gloss.


Like the dirt and stains, these sheen repel the next coat of paint as well.


Sanding the wall with a high number paper, like 220-grit, is certainly one option. There will be considerable clean up associated with this approach, so be certain to cover your surfaces as well as your air conditioning returns and registers (vents) to prevent circulating dust throughout your home.


Another approach would be to prime the walls. Primer is like double-stick tape. It sticks well to all surfaces and give your new paint a surface to which it can readily adhere.


I always recommend tinting your primer to be similar to your new color. There is no charge for tinting and you'll apply the first coat of your new color while priming.

Posted 2013-06-27T13:43:07+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

 In those areas of the country where textured walls are the norm, sanding does not work too well , as only the "peaks" are being hit. A quality primer, such as Gripper, Zinsser 1-2-3, or Behr No75 would be advisable.

Posted 2013-06-27T15:51:10+0000  by ordjen
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